Welcome to Wish NG, Our Charity

We would like to welcome you to Wish NG, the new charity organisation set up by NG Teach to inspire happiness to the elderly. The focus for Wish NG in the interim is to work with local Nottinghamshire care homes, providing additional activities for residents. For years there has been a concern on whether residents of care homes are having their needs met and this charity is designed to assist in meeting these needs.

Wish NG will work directly with care homes, visiting the elderly and speaking to them to discover what activities they enjoy most. These activities will then be organised on a regular basis to ensure they always have something to look forward to, which they've chosen themselves.

Wishing is a part of human nature; we start young wishing for our first action man or Barbie doll, to wishing for our first bike. We continue to wish throughout our lives and at first we have people there to make them come true for us, until we are able to make them come true ourselves. As time goes on we need the help of others to make these wishes come true for us again. This is where, with your help, we come in.

Here at Wish NG we recognise the people that have given their entire lives to making our society a positive place to live in today. Therefore as a way of thank you, we want to give back to them and bring smiles to their faces by making their wishes come true.

By working closely with local care homes, going in personally and speaking to the elderly on an individual basis, we will establish what their wishes are and then do our utmost to make them come true. Whether it is a day out at the seaside, an evening at the theatre or an exotic holiday, we will do our best to make it happen.

Once we have established every wish, we will draw out the wish to make come true. Although it will be the wish of one individual, we will share this wish with everyone for them all to enjoy together.

NG Teach will be contributing a pound for every school booking received to the charity Wish NG. We believe with your help we can go in to care homes in the local community and make a real positive difference to people's lives.

Your additional donations will be much appreciated as the more we raise, the more wishes we can make a reality. We will keep you posted on exactly how your donations are making a difference by uploading pictures of wishes you are making come true.




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