What Matters Most

The CHILDREN – Unfortunately for many large corporate agencies out there, it is all about business and profit.  You don’t receive a personal service and are treated as nothing but a statistic to achieve targets set by the company.  Most importantly, they forget about what matters most, which are the children! 

We differentiate ourselves from all other agencies by offering back that personal care and having a genuine interest in helping your school and children achieve the best results.  We feel proud and privileged to be able to assist in your school and children’s success.


Safe guarding children

It is imperative that here at NG Teach our vetting procedures are carried out thoroughly and to the highest standard to ensure the safety of your children.

Our process:

  • Face to face interview with people you know and trust
  • Identity checks
  • Criminal Records Bureau check
  • List 99 checks
  • Original checks of all qualifications
  • Medical fitness check
  • Reference checks
  • GTC check (if applicable)


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